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Week 10


When we are in recovery, meditation is more than an opportunity to quiet the world and go within. It deepens our connection to our Higher Power and the serenity we seek. Tapping into the stillness is an important daily spiritual practice that allows us to listen to what our Higher Power/Inner Being is trying to share with us when we get still enough to listen. Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery


“God is not found up in heaven—not in pilgrimages, places or persons. God is to be found within us. The very moment we agree that this is true, we have accomplished half of our life’s journey toward the experience of heaven on earth; the other half remains. Now we know where the kingdom of God is, but how do we attain the realization of it? . . . Hundreds of books have been written on this subject, but those that have been write out of the depths of experience all agree that the presence of God can only be realized when the senses are stilled, when we have settled down into an atmosphere of expectancy, of hope, and of faith. In this state of relaxation and peace, we wait. That is all we can do, just wait. We cannot bring God to us for God is already here, in this inner stillness, in this quietness and confidence. Meditation is an invitation for God to speak to us or to make Himself known to us; it is not an attempt to reach God, since God is omnipresent . . . but rather to achieve such a state of stillness that the awareness of God’s presence permeates us.” —Joel S. Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence



“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of inner peace.” —J. Donald Walters 

Discussion Questions

1. What is your daily meditation practice and what techniques do you practice?

2. How have stillness and meditation enhanced your recovery?


I feel great when I center myself and tap into the stillness of meditation and connect with my
Higher Power.

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