Rev. Dusty Rippelmeyer
Triangle Center for Spiritual Living, North Carolina


"As a minister, Rev. Carol Wilke is deeply aware of and connected to her higher power and is grounded in the spiritual truths of Oneness, Wholeness, and our innate ability to create for ourselves lives that are filled with unconditional Love, unlimited Abundance, boundless Joy, and the Peace that passes all understanding.  


As a recovering alcoholic, she brings forward her message with compassion, understanding, acceptance, courage, and commitment.  She listens with reverence, speaks with humor and wisdom and stands as a beacon of kindness, gentleness, unconditional love, and peace.  She is gifted with the ability to create both mind-blowing events and facilitating a deeply sacred ritual.  


When it comes to Rev. Carol Wilke, I would be a part of any ministry she is committed to, be excited to listen to any message that she was giving, and more than willing to attend any event in which she was associated."    

What People Are Saying About Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery

Rev. Kathy Young


"Carol Wilke is one of the most heart-centric, high-consciousness individuals I know. Whether working with an individual or a group, her capacity to listen deeply, hear and see beyond the story, and speak with clarity and compassion consistently results in transformation. Whether serving as speaker, teacher, presenter, facilitator, counselor or officiant, Rev. Carol Wilke brings love, clarity and compassion into the room.


Her passion for life-affirming transformation is based in Consciousness, her teaching is rooted in practicality, and her actions are consistently heart-led. I am so grateful for the life changing tools and insights I’ve received from Rev. Carol. I trust her completely."

Rev. Norman Bouchard
Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs, Colorado


"Carol Wilke is a gifted speaker, teacher, mentor and a heart-centered counselor. She lives her talk through her spirituality and stands on a solid foundation of her own recovery work.


All who will experience the Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery work will walk away empowered and centered on living their best life.


Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted teacher, you will walk away from the experienced changed. I am so looking forward to the work she will be doing with my community!"

Wendy F.

"When I hit bottom and could no longer live with my addiction to opiates, there was only one person I ever thought of turning to. Making my phone call to Carol, I was both scared and full of hope. At the end of my call not only did we have a plan but I felt I could see the sky instead of going under. She took me herself to the hospital and the rehab facility.​Through all of it she prayed with me and helped me look to the next moment instead of where I was. The day I got out she made sure that I had a plan on where to start my AA programToday I have God in the driver's seat on my road of life and am very blessed to have Carol as a cherished sister in recovery."

Rev. Kay Johnson
Healing Journeys, Colorado

"Carol is a clear thinker who easily incorporates the big picture and assists others to see it as well. She is not afraid to present her high standards and she lives by them.


I would welcome her on any team to accomplish most anything.


I would confidently recommend anyone wanting support around addiction to attend Carol's workshops. She is a model of success and a compassionate guide."

Dr. Christina Carter

New Jersey 


"Carol is a great source of inspiration for me. She allows me to look within, locate and capture my inner strength, and guide me through my daily struggles. She never judges but lets me be human. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for my Carol."

Tina S.

"Rev. Carol, is a person who walks her talk, when it comes to recovery. She is dedicated to remembering and seeing the truth of those she works with. She is dynamic, loving and powerful all wrapped up as a spiritual gift. She is one of the most loving, creative souls this planet." 

Dr. Marjorie Staum
Associate Minister, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado

"Carol’s loving heart, dedication and compassion for this path will be a “light” to the awakening of so many to their own spiritual magnificence.

Rev. Cynthia James
Minister, Women Creating Our Futures, Denver, Colorado

"Carol is an extraordinarily gifted speaker and teacher. Her passion is contagious." 

Connie R.


"Carol Wilke is a person who has disciplined her mind to think about who God is and what he is doing in and among us. She is able to gently come alongside people and help them lean into the darkness without losing hope. Carol is a patient listener, full of consideration, forbearance, and tenderness."
Rev. Ross Foti  
Associate Minister, Claremont Center for Spiritual Living, California
"Reverend Carol genuinely embodies the consciousness of one dedicated to transforming our world through personal transformations.
Anyone who seeks to relieve themselves of behaviors that no longer serve them and find a deeper pathway into wholeness would be wise to seek Reverend Carol's guidance.
I know my world shines brighter because of her integrity and generosity of spirit."
Allison M.

"Carol has been my sponsor in AA for many years. I attribute her support and guidance as one of the reasons I have been sober for 10 years. She has an innate ability to listen and counsel with compassion and understanding.


I couldn’t have made it through those trying times without Carol, who offered me a soft place to fall with no judgment. She has walked with me on my journey to discover myself and establish a connection to my higher power. She has helped me become who I am today: a sober, happy and fulfilled human being. Thank you, Carol."

Rev. David Goldberg
Publisher, Science of Mind & Creative Thought magazines, Golden, Colorado
"I have had the great joy of being on the same path with Rev. Carol personally and professionally for a number of years, and know her to be extraordinarily grounded with an amazing consciousness.
I fully support Carol’s ministry that explores the intersection of Religious Science and Recovery principles. She is the perfect person to take these concepts to the next level as she not only knows the body of work intellectually but lives it full out on a daily basis.”
Deanne D.

"I experience Carol as a heart-centered, light-filled expression of unconditional love. She acknowledges and blesses all beings, living by example and walking her talk. Carol is the living embodiment of Science of Mind and Spirit principles.

Eileen Flanigan

"Carol has a real gift in sharing her recovery in a moving and authentic way as well as encouraging and knowing the possibilities for others. She is incredibly respectful of the God of each of our understanding and allows the spiritual truth to shine through in all her interactions.

Rev. Nadine Cox 
Staff Minister, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado 

"Rev. Carol is a dedicated, and compassionate example of how one person can claim and reveal individual power and vision, and apply it to helping others create a magnificent life experience. Give yourself the gift of working with her to create a new YOU!” 

Lisa W.

"Today...I have a life. Carol loved me and helped me learn to love myself. She empowers you as you rediscover your true being. She is gifted and nourishing, kind and loving, gentle (yet firm), compassionate and fun! She brings joy and helps you celebrate yours. Carol is one of life's gifts!

Cindy C. 

"Rev. Carol's sweet soul, clear consciousness, and creativity are an inspiration and a joy to those who are blessed to be in her presence.

Donna W.

 “It has been my good fortune to meet, work with and befriend Carol Wilke: As a project partner, her focus is unparalleled, her integrity impeccable and her breadth of vision keen.


 As a friend, Carol is inspiring and loving. As a woman, Carol brings an intellectual curiosity, a humor-and-joy-filled presence to this world.


The term”generosity of spirit” could have been coined especially for her.” 

Dr. Roger W. Teel
Spiritual Leader, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado
"Rev. Carol Wilke is a powerful facilitator for the healing essence of the Divine. Her immense compassion, commitment and creativity are sure to bless all those who look to her for inspiration and transformation. I hold Rev. Carol in the highest regard and encourage you to allow her consciousness and love to bless your life."
Dr. Patty Luckenbach
Associate Minister, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado
"When I think of Rev. Carol Wilke I sense a depth of spiritual integrity. She has earned her spiritual maturity and she shines pure grace upon her work. She is a gift to our world.” 

What participants are saying about the Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery Program

“There are so many things I love about the Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® format - all the way from the description of who we are to the finishing affirmation, “I feel great when…” Already knowing the topic each week with readings from a variety of incredibly gifted authors illuminates numerous opportunities for developing and living a new story about our recovery. This format makes it simple for anyone to facilitate. We are so grateful to have this for our recovering community, their families and their loved ones.” – Dawn M. 

“The Wednesday Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® meetings are the bedrock of my recovery, and a vital part of my sober lifestyle. Participating in a group that looks both inward, and forward, I feel like I am shepherded into deeper recovery and self-understanding. The positive vibe always keeps me coming back to celebrate life in recovery!” – Kevin F. 

“I was excited when I heard about the Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery program, because while it meets my personal goal of getting out of ‘the Old Stories’, it also keeps us grounded in the principles of Recovery and Spirituality, which are ultimately ONE Thing. I love the new Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® spiritual support group we built up using this material. With their help, I feel grounded in reality, yet empowered and free to create whatever I want in my life.” – Cindy B. 

“Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® has helped me deal with the alcoholics in my life. Al-Anon has been a gift, but Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery® allows me to look at recovery through a more positive lense, one day at a time.” – Rev. Don Fleming, Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Anchorage, Alaska


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