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What participants are saying about the Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery Program

There are so many things I love about the Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® format - all the way from the description of who we are to the finishing affirmation, “I feel great when…” Already knowing the topic each week with readings from a variety of incredibly gifted authors illuminates numerous opportunities for developing and living a new story about our recovery. This format makes it simple for anyone to facilitate. We are so grateful to have this for our recovering community, their families and their loved ones.” – Dawn M. 

“The Wednesday Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® meetings are the bedrock of my recovery, and a vital part of my sober lifestyle. Participating in a group that looks both inward, and forward, I feel like I am shepherded into deeper recovery and self-understanding. The positive vibe always keeps me coming back to celebrate life in recovery!” – Kevin F. 

I was excited when I heard about the Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery program, because while it meets my personal goal of getting out of ‘the Old Stories’, it also keeps us grounded in the principles of Recovery and Spirituality, which are ultimately ONE Thing. I love the new Heart Mind & Spirit Recovery® spiritual support group we built up using this material. With their help, I feel grounded in reality, yet empowered and free to create whatever I want in my life.” – Cindy B. 

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