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Recovery Retreat


“This has been an amazing experience and I feel it’s been one of the greatest gifts of my life.  Thank you so much!”


“This surpassed my expectations . . . loved the topics . . .Everything was wonderful.”


“I will definitely come if you have one next year!  I’m not an addict but see myself headed in that direction & this conference nipped it!!  Thank you!!”


“Loved everything about it.”


“Overall this was an excellent retreat – I would love to come again.”


“I loved it all and over all it was perfect – I love you guys and you did a wonderful job.”


“Very uplifting.”


“All of the sessions provided insights!  A real sense of community, new friends, open, non-dogmatic energy.  I’m so glad I attended and I hope to come back for #2.”


“I loved this!  I am changed.  I am grateful – this was amazing”


“Awesome – thank you all!”


“Thank you so much!  So well designed – I liked everything and I thought it was top notch all the way – it was freakin’ awesome!  This was so impressive and helpful!”


“Empowering – this has been a great experience.”

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