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The Essence of Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery


Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery is a spiritually based program focused on the Heart (Emotion), Mind (Consciousness) and Spirit (God - Source Connection) of recovery.


Real lasting recovery does not end with the 12 Steps and a lifetime of attending meetings. Our spiritual and energy awareness-based programs, tools and retreats provide relief from drug addiction and alcoholic thinking, transforming unhealthy behavior patterns, emotional triggers and limiting beliefs into living a new level of recovery. 



















The next level of recovery embraces a shift out of powerlessness, fear, and the shame-based thinking and belief patterns that keep us from deepening and empowering our personal and professional relationships.


Start telling and living a new story about your recovery, that includes anchoring yourself in what you want to attract and experience, and not what is holding you back.


The next level of recovery also involves embracing the empowerment of spiritual tools, insights, techniques and principles that address emotional triggers and false beliefs, so that we can live an authentic, life-affirming, power-filled and joyful life.

Rev. Carol Wilke discusses the next level of recovery.

In essence, we provide tools and programs for the heart, mind and spirit that offer embodiment, grounding and centering in the care and maintenance of your spiritual condition. We believe this is the cornerstone of all lasting recovery - a recovery based on and centered in an internal knowingness that all is truly well. 


We are a community of like-minded friends in recovery, who are committed to their continued personal and spiritual growth and expansion in redefining what is possible.


We are touching and transforming lives all over the world, with a new level of recovery; re-defining what it means to truly live your best life.

See what people are saying about Rev. Carol Wilke and Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery.  Read our Testimonials.


We honor all recovery programs, faith traditions, genders and lifestyles in a safe and nurturing environment.  

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