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Transform the heart, mind and spirit of your recovery journey


April 25-27, 2014  l  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery Retreat

April 25-27, 2014   |   Franciscan Retreat Center at Mount St. Francis

7740 Deer Hill Grove  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919

Treat yourself to a transformational Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery Retreat that will change the way you feel about your personal recovery program.


The Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery Retreat is a 3-day life changing experience, focusing on renewing and transforming the heart, mind and spirit of your recovery. Registration fees include overnight lodging for two nights at the Franciscan Retreat Center, meals, sessions and workbook materials.


Give yourself the gift of experiencing the next level of recovery based on deep spiritual principles and inner growth for empowering your inter-personal relationships and deepen your connection with your higher power.


Experience the Next Level of Recovery


Join a community of like-minded friends in recovery, who are committed to their continued personal and spiritual growth and expansion in redefining what is possible.


Shift out of powerlessness, fear and shame-based patterns that hold you back from deepening and empowering your personal and professional relationships. Step out of the same old recovery talk and start telling and living in a new story about your recovery, that includes anchoring yourself in what you want to attract and experience, and not what has been holding you back.


The next level of recovery involves embodying the empowerment of spiritual tools, insights, techniques and principles, for addressing emotional triggers and false beliefs to live an authentic and life affirming, powerful, joyful life.


During the Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery Retreat, you will:


  • Revitalize and energize your daily practices

  • Embrace another level of spiritual awakening for recovery

  • Shift resentments into a new story that serves your highest good

  • Take part in exploring shared experience as a catalyst for profound change

  • Examine and reframe old core beliefs into profound new empowering thoughts and truths


"We have to learn to think differently. We have to get used to sober thinking instead of alcoholic thinking.”

AA Big Book

Join us to experience a structured, powerful process and interactive exercises to anchor transformative prayer, meditation and serenity that touches the heart, mind and the spirit of your recovery with renewed Clarity, Healing, Empowerment, Alignment, Relief, Truth, Grace, Hope, Trust, Faith, Fellowship, Laughter and Joy.
The weekend experience will provide inspirational tools for addiction recovery and personal transformation that will include relaxing your body, quieting your mind and expanding your spirit and perceptions for a transformative, soul nurturing, ongoing recovery.
You will leave with a level of peace, grace and deep ease that you can bring into use immediately in your personal relationships, with a deepened understanding of the spiritual dimension of your recovery journey.


 Your Retreat Facilitator:  Rev. Carol Wilke


Reverend Carol Wilke is a life transforming recovery speaker, teacher, retreat facilitator and recovery coach. Carol's counseling and ministry incorporate spiritual practices and principles, sacred wisdom teachings, universal laws and powerful life skills to step into the next level of recovery. She is the Founder and Senior Minister of Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery - a Center for Spiritual Living Focus Ministry. LEARN MORE ABOUT CAROL

We honor all recovery programs, faith traditions, genders and lifestyles in a safe and nurturing environment.  


QUESTIONS?  Read our FAQ or CONTACT US for more information.


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